Have a relaxing day at sea.

My first ice cream.

Did you know that the average boat owner uses his boat for only three weeks a year?

We all love to spend some time in the sea and visit some of the most amazing beaches the world has to offer. Why not do it from a boat? Experience the sea and nature from the comfort of a boat with all your friends and family.

To really have fun on the beach you need to do it on a boat. Zeerez makes this possible for everyone. Offering the best deals in boat rentals. All of our boats are the gateway for the best vacation of your life.

Are you a boat owner?

ZEEREZ offers you a good way to earn some extra cash! If you're not using your boat every week, why not rent it to other people while it's free. And even if you are using your boat every week (we understand, it's so fun), why not invite other people to join you when the boat is ready to use! A shared boat experience is often more fun and also earns you some cash.

So... Why should I charter my boat?

It's easy. Charter your boat to make some cash on the side while still getting out there. On average, a boat that is chartered for six prime season weeks will cover ALL annual expenses that you would have paid anyways. Most boats on charter companies get chartered for 13 to 20 weeks per year, so imagine what you could do with that extra income. Another benefit to consider is that boat owners that choose to charter their boat may have a tax deduction like section 179 business tax deduction.